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Saturday, July 9, 2011


I have discovered the wonderful world of Animoto through my DPS Summer Technology Challenge! The video in the right sidebar is my first attempt :) I wasn't able to do much with the *free* program, it only recorded 30 seconds of song and video - so I purchased a year long subscription. I think it will be very useful in promoting our productions and department. It could also come in handy as an introduction to my unit on the history of theatre! Animoto provides endless possibilities with the visuals and large music library. I'm looking forward to making another Animoto . . . it's kind of addicting!


  1. I just learned that EDUCATORS can apply for a FREE "Plus Account" with Animoto - for use in their classrooms!! I applied and was immediately accepted (although there was a notice that it could take several weeks to be accepted).

    UHG!! Now I have to get my $$$ back!!

  2. Very nice! I'll have to try the educator's version. I used it last year and it was great but adding anything other than the default text was tiresome (I took screen shots of power point slides in order to get large headlines, etc.)

  3. WOW! Animoto refunded my money, no questions asked, and upgraded my account to the Educator's PLUS account FREE!! Awesome!

  4. Glad you found a useful product for promoting performances! Here are some more suggestions...completely free!

    You create videos using still images, video clips and audio using Windows Movie Maker. Movie Maker comes pre-installed on all PCs running the Windows operating system. From what I saw on the Animoto seems very similar.

    Another favorite item of mine, which can work hand in hand with Movie Maker or some other video editing package is CamStudio. CamStudio is open source software that allows for screen capture. So...if you want to demonstrate some task on your computer and create an instructional video for your students, this is a great tool. It captures both audio and video. And like I said, you can't beat the price of $0! Here's a link to CamStudio if you want to check it out:

    Good luck and I look forward to working with you this coming school year!