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Saturday, July 9, 2011


I have discovered the wonderful world of Animoto through my DPS Summer Technology Challenge! The video in the right sidebar is my first attempt :) I wasn't able to do much with the *free* program, it only recorded 30 seconds of song and video - so I purchased a year long subscription. I think it will be very useful in promoting our productions and department. It could also come in handy as an introduction to my unit on the history of theatre! Animoto provides endless possibilities with the visuals and large music library. I'm looking forward to making another Animoto . . . it's kind of addicting!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

DPS Technology Challenge: There is an app for that (Smart phones)

DPS Technology Challenge: There is an app for that (Smart phones): "I just recently purchased my first 'smart phone' (an iPhone). I was very familiar with what the iPhone could do and how it worked because o..."

DPS Technology Challenge

I'm happy to say that I have entered the DPS Technology Challenge! NOT that I want to spend my summer days sitting in front of a computer screen . . . I'm hoping to learn more about this powerful tool and how I can harness it's resources to better communicate the world of theatre - at DSA and beyond [think Buzz Lightyear :)]